USIM registration
You cannot register your SIM card with an expired passport or without a passport.
If you don’t upload an image of your passport that shows the photo and the passport number clearly, you may have some restrictions while using our service. Also, you are responsible for all the problems caused by the flawed image.
This SIM card is valid for maximum 15 days after your registration.
KT M mobile ‘Privacy Policy’ is shown on its website, which describes how we collect, use, and store your private information. As we may update this Private Policy, visit our website to check the latest version.
Please fill in the information below
USIM No (last 3 digits)
Mobile No
Full Name (in passport)
Period of stay
SIM card is valid only in this period. (Maximum 15 days)
* Raon-Card is to be exception.
Passport Image
please sign up after put the passport image according to the below sample image
(Required) I agree to collect / use / save my personal information for purpose of USIM card registration.